There's a new internet provider in Las Cruces -- one that prides itself on quick installation and excellent customer service. We believe that service providers should never give you less than what you pay for and they should never let you pay too much. It's time to start creating technology jobs in Southern New Mexico and make our community a better place to live. Sign up for Supernova Communications high-speed internet service today.


  Superior Customer Service

We're dedicated to creating technology jobs in Las Cruces. Just ask our locally-based customer service team (on call every day to give you the best service around).

  Locally Owned

You shop at local stores. You eat local food. Why not get connected through a local internet provider? Our high speed network is built in New Mexico, for New Mexico.

  Privacy, Security, and Speed

Always get the speeds you pay for with Supernova. We don't monitor your browsing traffic, throttle speeds when you use a lot, or sell your information to advertisers.

  No Contracts or Bundles

With Supernova high-speed internet, you pay one price every month. There's no commitment, so you can cancel or change your plan whenever you like at no cost.